Who We Are


L  O  V  E

E  M  P  O  W  E  R

S  E  R  V  E


We exist to Love God, Empower People, and Serve Our City. We open our doors and our arms to any and all. We are a Church based on love and understanding, meaning that we are not interested in where you have been or where you’re at currently. The only thing we know is that you have an exciting journey ahead of you and we are always here to help you along the way. 

Shelby Wilburn | Reno/Sparks Campus


What is it like going to Victory City Church?

“Walking up to the doors, my chest was tight and my stomach in knots. Re-emerging from an extended lapse of attendance, I was afraid go back to church. I was fearful of judgement and persecution because I had strayed from my path. I grabbed onto the handle, took a deep breath and opened the door. Little did I know, I was walking into a new era of my life. Instantly, my soul was warm and my heart at ease. There was an abundance of smiling faces, genuine kindness, and unconditional love. I felt no judgement or indifference whatsoever. The atmosphere was so inviting and the service was powerful. People who I’ve never met in my life embracing me and welcoming me as if I was a part of their family. Now six months later, these people ARE my family. Victory City Church is a home away from home, where I’ve gained a beautiful, diverse family in Christ. For anyone who is afraid to make that step back toward their faith,  VCC is THE PLACE to do it. They embrace you for who you are and provide unparalleled support. If you want to change your life forever, take the leap of faith and join us! I promise you won’t regret it!